Monday, October 14, 2013

Making a Tug Toy

Most of my dogs love to play tug, so we go through tug toys quite fast at my house. I don't like to buy those braided ropes from the store because the strings come off quite easy and the dogs end up eating those. That's not quite safe at my house! And we have some expensive tug toys to use during training - the really fun ones that drive my dog's nuts. They are used as a higher value reward so they aren't available to play with all the time like the other toys.

So what I have done to keep my dogs supplied with tug toys (that are safe!) is to make them out of fleece. You've all seen them for sale at various animal fundraisers and whatnot. I've always thought they were too flimsy for my dogs and in reality they are, but the nice thing is that if they come unbraided, you can just rebraid them :). Plus they are cheap to make (a $7 yard of fabric makes 4 toys) so I don't feel so bad when I throw them away after they finally wear out.

I got these directions on making a tug toy from Teoti Anderson. This is just one variation on ways to make them. You can also just braid three strands together and know them at both ends (so sans handle), we have several of that kind at home too!

I got this lovely fabric for this next batch of tug toys.

Nothing says fun like tie-dyed butterflies :).
1. Use the tape measure and cut three strips, each 4-inches wide by 60 inches long.

My three strips...Monday was quite curious.
2. Put the fleece strips together, even at the top (short end), and fold in half to find the middle. You can tie the rubber band in the middle to hold the strips together.

3. Begin braiding from the center toward on end. Braid for five inches.

4. Turn over and braid toward the other end for five inches.

5. Fold in half. This will form the handle.

Here's my handle :)
6. You now have six strands. Group the strands together in twos so you have three sets of strands.

7. Braid tightly to the end.

8. Tie a knot in the end and pull tight.

Finished product!
Beautiful isn't it? It takes like 10 minutes to make one of these, not a huge time commitment at all!


  1. Making!! Max and Leela thank you ;)

    1. You'll have to let me know how they like them! :)

  2. Replies
    1. They are so easy and convenient, you'll love them! :)

  3. Just made my first one; it was so easy to do! The dogs love them!

  4. On my way to Hobby Lobby now, I'll definitely pick up a yard of fleece while there. I'll bet I can even find a Star Wars themed print for Jedi. Thanks!