Friday, October 26, 2012

Watch out for those...DOGS!

Life with dogs can be immensely rewarding, we all know that. Life with five dogs however, can take it all over the top!

Introducing the crew that keeps me on my toes:


Monday, The Ring Leader

Full Name: CBBR's Blue Monday Facade, CGC
photo credit: Amy Turner at




Bourbon, The Clown

Full Name: Bourbon Street Saint, CGC
photo credit: Leah Petsch at


Baron, The Muscle

Full Name: IDR's Red Baron Returns, CGC

Vito, The Babyface

Full Name: IDR's Mini Saint Vitus
photo credit: Leah Petsch at

Rookie, The Never-Ending Foster

Real Name from IDR: Hockey (I call him Rookie because it's better, LOL)
Name I would give him: IDR's Rookie of the Year

Between mischievous antics, vet runs, food runs, and mountains of exercise (not to mention laundry!) I somehow, someway manage to find a life. Granted it revolves around these dogs - and why shouldn't it? They deserve it!

So here's the start to recording my version of life with 20 paws!

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