Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Training: Sit Pretty / Photo Challenge: Funny!!

For February Monday and I are going to work on sit pretty for a trick. This is actually a really hard trick for her because she is rather top heavy (have you seen her shoulders!?!). The poor girl is built like a linebacker, LOL.

We started out with trying to shape it with hand targets, however Monday kept popping up out of the sit. Looking back at the video I think I could have kept my hand closer to her head and positioned it better. Since this is the beginning I was clicking for her raising her two front feet but keeping her back feet and hocks on the floor. There were some misclicks LOL but sometimes it's hard to judge from the handler's vantage point. What do you think?

So I tried something different - luring her into position. The hot dog pieces I was using were rather small and slimy, I don't recommend them for this LOL. I was having problems keeping them in my hands :).

I think she has the idea of it, it's just the mechanics that are a problem for her. We will have to practice this a lot to build up her balance and flex her muscles in different ways. <sorry for cutting off her head in the video below LOL. I will work on my videographer skills!>

I had another video to share but I accidentally deleted it off my phone instead of uploading it. I'm just full of skills today - cutting Monday's head off in the video, accidentally deleting files, geesh Erin pull it together :).

Have you taught your dogs to sit pretty? Did they have any problems with balance?

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Photo challenge: Funny!!

Monday's status after training...

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