Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Oh My!

O is for OH MY! Which is something I say a lot because of my dogs :). I am actually regurgitating a post for today - a post from my series of confessions. See, while I am talking about training your dog all month I don't want you to have an expectation of perfection. Our dogs will never be perfect, they aren't robots. They are living beings that make mistakes, act goofy, and in general play to life's silly side.

Confessions of a Dog Trainer - 3

I am a dog trainer. At least most days :).

Generally, people expect a dog trainer to have trained dogs. Perfect little robot dogs. Well, not so much in my case (what FUN would that be?) - people who have met my dogs can attest to the fact that they are NOT perfect. Nor will they ever be. They have personality...and a touch of insanity :). Hey, it makes life fun!

We like crraaazzzzzyyy....
Photo: Amy Turner
So if you come to my house, please expect to see at least three dogs on the couch. Another dog is usually on the chair, with yet another barking out the window. Of course, this is after they've barked at YOU for at least five minutes. :) With five dogs they are always under foot and in your way! My dogs do not usually sit quietly in a corner waiting for your attention - they demand center stage (and they are pretty good at it!).

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Do your dogs have a touch of insanity as well? I find it's quite the spice of life :)


  1. Oh thank heavens!!! I've always wondered, because sometimes our house is crazy and I always think "thank goodness the training doesn't do surprise visits."

    1. LOL :). Just like we aren't 'perfect' all the time, it's hard to expect our dogs to be. Our house gets mighty crazy and I let it LOL, but sometimes dogs just need to be dogs.