Tuesday, July 15, 2014

River Update: Where Has the Foster Gone?

Back to catching up...I need to update you guys on River! It's a bit of a story, sorry it took me so long to tell it!!

Back in May on Memorial Day weekend I drove up to the Quad Cities with River to meet a potential adopter. Of course they loved him (who wouldn't fall for his handsome face) and decided to adopt him. So off River went with his new adopters and off to home I went to plan our Jamaica vacation.

On our way to meet the adopters, River is such a great car rider!
Oddly, the location I met the adopters at was just off of River Drive...
I thought that was very appropriate :).
Sadly, the very next day I had some distraught text messages that River was displaying some pretty severe separation anxiety at the adopters' home. He never displayed any of that here and looking back, I wonder if it was because of all our dogs. At the adopters' home, there was just one dog and they weren't mingled yet (since it was so new and the dog was tiny). But River had destroyed his crate and several things in the bedroom he was crated in as well breaking out of the bedroom and going through the trash. Needless to say it was a huge mess :(.

The crate River ate through and the bed he destroyed.
The adopters' were pretty upset and wanted to return River right away. Unfortunately, this was right before our Jamaica vacation so I couldn't take him back here. We had them drop River off at one of the boarding kennels we work with for the time being, until we could find a different foster home or until I got back from vacation. Luckily, another volunteer stepped up and took River so that he didn't have to stay in the kennel very long. He doesn't do well in that situation and he was deteriorating very quickly :(. There was no way he would have lasted at the kennel until I was back from vacation.

River is still available through Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus, he's just now enjoying his stay at a different foster home. I miss the handsome man sometimes but he is doing great in his current location and that is all that matters :).

The last picture I took of River :).

Good luck, River, on finding your forever home! :) We still love you and wish you well on your journey!


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  2. Oh, it's disappointing that they didn't choose to work with him and his separation anxiety. :s I think it's understandable for him to act in this way on the first day though, being suddenly separated from his foster home with multiple dogs. I hope he finds an awesome home who can work with him!

    1. So far he is still in a foster home but doing great! He is happy so that is all that matters :), hopefully he finds a forever home soon!