Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Eggs!

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter yesterday. Our dogs enjoyed the nice weather and even got their own Easter egg hunt :). It was quite fun watching each of them figure out how to open the eggs to get the treats. Their egg-opening styles definitely fit each of their personalities!

Bourbon was very methodical about opening his eggs. He likes to have a plan before taking any action apparently...

First he stares at the egg. I'm pretty sure he's trying to 'become the egg.'
Then he touches it to make sure it's real. Seriously.
Then he picks it up and carries it to another location.
While he's carrying it he cracks it of course.
And then he very daintily eats the treat out of the middle.
No actual egg eating for him, unlike some of the other monsters....
Rookie went next and it took him a few minutes to figure out how to open the egg. I suppose if I had used stinkier, more high-value treats he would have tried harder. Something to think about next year I guess :).

Rookie also stared at his eggs at first, but his was more of a perplexed stare.
Like 'hmm, what are you and how do you open?'
Then he pawed the egg. I totally thought that would open it but nope.
Rookie is still wondering how the damn things works. He can be a slow thinker...
Rookie was very thorough when cleaning out his eggs.
Apparently his whole nose fits in one!
He was so thorough that he even decided to try to eat the egg itself...
Monday was much more energetic in her pursuit of the eggs. It was good thing I got a some video because she was hilarious.

Vito, of course, didn't care about opening his eggs at first, he just wanted to have them. And by have it, I mean resource guard it :).

He is pretty sure that is his egg and he's keeping it that way lol.
But once we got him to realize we weren't going to be taking the eggs away and he had to open them to enjoy them, he pretty much got down to business.

Vito making certain there are actually treats in these funny egg things.
He figured out very quickly how to get those treats out.
Then he had to lick the eggs clean just to make sure he didn't miss any crumbs.
There's his patented 'Mine!' look. He did get 'stuck' guarding a few times.
He has such a good sit pretty :).

Did you do anything special with your pups?


  1. WOW! Looks like Easter was definitely a hit! The Boys and I went to Sunrise Service and then the entire fam had a wonderful breakfast together back at the house. I love it when we're all together (two and four legs). Bourbon is a beautiful dog, and I love the name! Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Thanks! Sounds like you guys had quite a day :). Having everyone together is always the best part of the Holidays.