Friday, August 7, 2015

Oh, Hello There :) friends...I've been negligent...again.

Somebody please smack my hand with a ruler :).

Summer has been crazy and it's been nice and hot outside; I've had a hard time committing my butt to a chair in order to be on the computer writing blogs. 

Bad Erin.

Monday doesn't look like she's moving so that I can use my computer chair...

I'm not going to make any promises this time because obviously that didn't help but I do have TONS of stuff to catch everyone up on. Maybe I can give my blog topics to Siri and she can type posts for me? :) That's probably too much to hope for LOL.

But the craziness has died down a little...well who am I kidding, I always have everything going on all at once :). But it feels less crazy at the moment so you will be seeing more of me :). Well more of the pups, they are who you really want to see ;).

See You Soon!!


  1. Thanks for the update. Love the pictures. Sleeping dogs always make me smile. You should just create a blog of sleeping dogs and I'll visit regularly to get my fix LOL

    1. HA I could totally do a blog of sleeping puppy dogs like to nap :)...probably because I like to nap LOL.