Monday, December 21, 2015

Dog Parkour!

Rookie showing 4-feet-on.
Dog Parkour is a new 'sport' that is quickly spreading across the US. Most people are familiar with 'human' parkour - a physical discipline in which people move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path by climbing, balancing, jumping, running, get the idea :). So what is dog parkour? Taken from the International Dog Parkour Association's website: 'Dog parkour, sometimes knows as urban agility, is an activity based on the same principles. It is a challenging, but fun, physical activity in which the dogs learn to interact with their environment. Just like in the human version, in dog parkour we work on ways to conquer obstacles, such as climbing, balancing, and jumping. Dog Parkour is a non-competitive event, but it is a titling event.'

And Rookie just received his Training Level title: PKD-T!

Woot, woot :). In order to receive a title, you have to submit videos of your dog performing each of the behaviors called for in each title level. Here is Rookie's Training Level Title video:

The Training Level (Parkour Dog in Training PKD-T) consists of these behaviors:
*Dog must complete one obstacle outside

  • 4 feet on: Dog approaches an obstacle and places all four feet in no particular order onto the obstacle in a safe manner and remains on the obstacle for at least 5 seconds. Two different obstacles must be used, and at least one much be at least elbow height. Be sure that we can see the dog getting on and off each obstacle.
  • 2 feet on: Dog walks up to obstacle and places two front feet onto the obstacle and remains on the obstacle for at least 5 seconds. The object must be at least elbow height.
  • Under: Dog crouches down and passes under an obstacle shorter than head height.
  • Through (between two obstacles): Two obstacles must be less than dog's body length apart from each other. The dog must pass through these two obstacles with confidence.
  • In: Dog must safely walk into or hop into an obstacle that has four sides. All four feet must remain in the obstacle for 5 seconds.
  • Balance: Balance across an obstacle that is twice shoulder width or narrower and 3 times longer than dog. Dog must have all four feet on obstacle and safely walk across it.
  • Creativity: Owner chooses and demonstrates two different parkour behaviors that can be done with a single obstacle. For example, a dog may do an under and an on using the same obstacle. The behaviors must be parkour behaviors and not just tricks.

Seriously, can it get any cuter than a dog in a box?!?!

We're off to work on our Novice Title behaviors :)!!

Have you heard about Dog Parkour? Is it something you would be interested in trying with your dog?


  1. I have never heard of Dog Parkour, but it sounds fun! Ruby is easily stressed so this might not be for her, but it would be fun to watch other dogs. Love that adorable final picture!

    1. Parkour is something that you do where ever you are, so you could stay in environments she is already familiar with :). And you just do it on your own time (to get a title you just video the behaviors and send it the videos in) without any other dogs around!

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