Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Clicker Expo 2016 Reno!

The weekend started with a day of chicken camp taught by Terry Ryan. IT.WAS.SO.MUCH.FUN.

Chickens in dog kennels. Very appropriate for us :)
Me and my hen. She lays white eggs.
It's So Fluffy!
Terry Ryan, me and Henrietta.

Then three whole days of non-stop learning and laughing. I can't even describe the amount of knowledge I gained or fun I had learning from the best of the best.

My daily Expo set-up :). I love learning!
Minnesota 2015 KPA Grads!!
Lori Stevens did some great demos with FitPaws and the Klimb.
My FAVORITE lecture. Hannah and Laurie were so great
and I am so excited to put this in action going forward!!
Photo booth fun with Hannah and other Fenzi students.
This was a great networking event!
YAY! This is so awesome to be a part of!!
Our brains hurt....
My suitcase was stuffed FULL.
I might have a slight KONG addiction...


Have you ever been to a Clicker Expo?


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