Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Shameful Vito

So the craze of dog shaming has been making the rounds on the internet and Vito thought now would be a good time to come out of the closet. He has a confession to make...

He is rather embarrassed about this but certainly glad he got it off his chest.  See he's been doing this since he was a wee little one. I thought neutering would help, but negative houston. It was still all systems go for him whenever he was faced with a soft blanket, pillow, or large stuffed animal. So now its management, if he's left alone in the vicinity of my pillows - my pillows get picked up and put where he can't reach them.  Simple enough...until the day comes when you don't remember! Insert evidence here :).

Luckily, (if you can call it luck) he prefers my memory foam pillow. At least, it doesn't totally ruin the pillow. I can just throw away the pieces and put a new pillow case back over my pillow. Viola! Almost as good as new, just a bit dented in the corner :).

The Right Humping at the Right Time

There is no right time for humping the pillows, duh Vito. So besides management (when we remember) we also use redirection with him. Getting him to do something that is incompatible with humping - which is basically everything :). If he looks like he is getting 'excited' about something, then I'll ask him for his attention and start engaging him in something else. Soon enough the urge is gone. No humping for you!!

What are some 'shameful' quirks your dogs have?

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