Thursday, January 24, 2013

Being Part of the Furniture

One of the rules you have to abide by when you are owned by dogs is to be available whenever they would like to sit or lie down. You are now a part of their furniture to be used at their convenience. There will be no sitting by yourself on the couch or chair to watch TV or read. No more sleeping undisturbed in a comfortable position. You must accomodate their need to touch you at every turn. This is stated clearly in their rule book (a copy of which I have yet to procure).

Furniture Is Our Middle Name

This is what I must endure:

I was trying to read...
I was trying to watch TV, but then Monday was so damn cute, I had to kiss her :).
Notice how I'm practically falling off the couch!
 And when I'm not around, they target Nicholas. Poor Nicholas had no idea what he was signing up for when he asked me to marry him :). I tried to tell him, but... well..., there's really no way to explain it until you live it.
Watching TV
Trying to sleep. Vito targets him the most :)

Sharing The Furniture Of Your Life

Think this only happens if you live here? Think again. All our guests are subjected to the horrors of sharing space with the furkids. Obviously, they own all the 'real' furniture in the house and having someone else sitting on it without them is a big no-no. They like to spread the love, mom and dad can't have it all!

Sara gets smooshed by Bart (a previous IDR foster).
Majestic sits on Kathryn's lap out in the yard (she obviously didn't want to get her white butt dirty!!).
 Sometimes when there are no humans available to provide extra padding and warmth, the dogs will use each other. Very rarely, but it does happen. I have only managed to witness it a few times over the years because it's a closely guarded secret that the dogs do actually like each other. They would like us to believe they put up with each other only because we make them co-exist together. So SHHH! no sharing that little tidbit. My evidence:

It's a Monday sandwich! Back when Bourbon and Baron tolerated each other.
Bart using Monday as a pillow.

Making The Topps A Great Place To Sit

Obviously, the dogs are completely uncomfortable in my house. I should really get to work on that or I'll start hearing complaints about animal cruelty ;). You don't have enough couch space for 5 dogs and their human?!? Those beds aren't automatically warmed beforehand?!? Not enough lap space for all us?!? Blasphemy.

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