Thursday, February 28, 2013

There's a New Face in Town

Introducing......Little Miss Apollonia!

A Winning Personality

This girl is sweet, and I mean SWEET! She is heartbreakingly eager to please and gets very worried when she thinks she hasn't done something correctly. She just soaks up love and wants nothing more than to be your shadow. It's obvious that she wasn't exposed to much in her previous home, but she has a great personality and just keeps rolling with the new experiences. Luckily, she is housebroken and crate trained :). That makes my life much easier when trying to introduce a new foster to my house! She also doesn't jump on people and doesn't get on the furniture. And to top it off, she is also not dog-reactive! That is a huge plus since my dogs like to walk past the spare bedroom and ogle her through the doorway. Currently they are separated by a babygate and an x-pen, but it's been all play bows and tail wags so far.

Polishing the Skill Set

Miss Apollonia has never been 'leash-trained' so while she is with me, she will be getting some lessons on how to walk nicely on a leash. And hopefully she will even learn she can go potty while on a leash! :) I am also hoping to get her interested in playing with toys. She has no concept of the fun she is missing! She likes hollow marrow bones but so far has showed no interest in tug toys, balls, or squeaky plush animals! What kind of dog doesn't like to destroy a good squeaky toy?!?

As an Aside

She does have some hair loss on her shoulder blade area. I'm not sure her hair will ever grow all the way back in and we are not sure what originally caused the hair loss. Regardless, it just adds to her uniqueness and we believe she is quite stunning anyway! After awhile you don't even notice it (she certainly doesn't)!!!

Her Wish for a New Home

Apollonia would love for her new family to continue her learning experiences. Signing up for obedience/good manners classes would be icing on her new home cake! She loves the world and hopes to see much more of it with her new family. She just really, really, really, really wants a family to call her own who she can shower with love. This little girl has mountains of potential and she's eager to get started! If you are interested in this little spitfire please contact me at and fill out an application at Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.

Will you be my new BFF???

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