Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another One Bites The...


Geez, we just can't win at my house. The weekend before it was Monday eating the rug from a bout of separation anxiety. This past weekend it was Rookie tearing apart the dog bed and the sofa cushion in an extreme play session. Is there a full moon? Seriously, my dogs have gone crazy!!

Who? Me? I'm not crazy...

The Destruction

This happened in a matter of minutes...talented little bastard isn't he?

The sofa cushion. It's certainly seen better days...

The dog bed :(

The Aftermath

Rookie luckily didn't ingest anything from the sofa cushion - all parts were accounted for! However, it was a different story with the dog bed. Friday night is when the demolition happened, but I didn't immediately realize he had eaten any stuffing (it's hard to tell if any is missing from these kinds of things!).

But Saturday morning, I knew something had gone amiss. He ate breakfast as usual and then promptly puked it back up 30 minutes later. Lo and behold there was fuzz in his puke. GROSS! So I cleaned it up and hoped that was all that he had swallowed. I had scheduled a few hours of volunteering on the adoption floor of the ARL so I left and hoped for the best while I was gone.

Alas, Rookie had other plans for the rest of my day. Nicholas was at home sleeping (because he works overnights) and woke up to Rookie puking in his kennel. He called me and I canceled my plans and came back home to survey the damage. Poor Rookie was not feeling so hot :(. He ended up puking 5 times on Saturday and was just a woeful mess.

He wasn't feeling too good.

The Resolution

Sunday morning dawned bright and early and I took Rookie up to my vet clinic to do some X-rays to make sure things were moving. Before we left he did manage to have a bowel movement and of course it was full of fuzz! So at least we knew it was making its way all the way through him, icky.

He's posing for X-rays.
Everything seemed to be fine from the X-ray, so now it's just a watch and see approach. I did feed him dinner on Sunday night and he held that down so that was a step in the right direction. Since then he has bounced back and is his old, playful self once again. His poop still has fuzz in it, but at least it's moving through his system! Here's hoping it continues to move, LOL!

He's ready to play!

I don't stop eating when I'm full. The meal isn't over when I'm full. It's over when I hate myself. ~Louis C. K.     (I think Rookie hated himself for a moment!)

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