Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stinky Dog!

Now that Apollonia has been with me for a couple of weeks and has gotten accustomed to us and the household, I decided to give the stinky girl a bath. P.U.! Boy did she stink :).

I don't like to bathe new dogs coming into the house right away because baths can be a scary thing. If you wait a little bit and build some trust with the dog, they tend to go much easier and are less stressful for everyone involved (including the person who has to clean the bathroom later!!!).

Hmmm, bath tubs aren't so bad... they have peanut butter in them!

 I do bribe my 'patients' with peanut butter while giving a bath. It keeps them in the tub, for starters, and keeps them close enough to the front of the tub for the sprayer to reach their whole body. I've found out (the hard way!) that tethering the dog usually makes it much more stressful for them and can create an aversion to the whole process. Which doesn't make giving them a bath later any easier! The peanut butter bribe usually keeps them coming back for more :).

Toweling off is always a favorite part :)

I'm mostly dry but I want more toweling!!!

Once she was all pretty again and smelling sweet, we put on her new IDR+ collar and tag. Now she can rock the red like all the other fosters, plus it is just a great color on her :). She's not pretty in pink, she's pretty in red!

Those clothes models got nothing on me!

There was soo much hair, dirt, and dead skin that came off this girl! GROSS! I think we could have re-outfitted a chihuahua :).

Most of the aftermath...

If you go long enough without a bath, even the fleas will leave you alone. ~Ernie Pyle

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