Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bourbon's Official Certification

Wahoo, Bourbon got his 'official' title certificate from the AKC for his Coursing Ability title. Sadly, they spelled my name incorrect which has been an ongoing battle (and why I've left him registered to my maiden name - not sure they could handle the change!) since I originally registered him.

While it's pretty and very formal, I'm pretty sure my name is NOT Evin.

So now I have to wait ten more days for a new, factually correct certificate. Oh well, such is life. While we're  waiting please enjoy the professional images of Bourbon's title run I ordered from the photographer. I can't seem to get enough of them :).

Powering off at the start. He makes funny faces :).

He screams the whole way, it makes me wonder how he breathes.

He's got such long legs!

What a goof :).

Catching up to the 'prey'.


Well once the 'good' certificate makes its way here, it'll have to go up in a frame or something. Something special for my old man!!

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