Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Vito!!

Today Vito turned 6. I just really can't believe he is that old. It doesn't feel like he's been with me for 6 years but he has, oh dear how time flies!! At the beginning of June I shared Vito's story, remember all those cute as hell baby pictures?!? How did that sassy puppy turn into this distinguished gentleman? I have no idea, apparently it happened while I wasn't looking! Since I was busy all weekend with 4H, I was a bad momma and didn't make him a cake or even find time to buy him one :(. But I think he was okay with our compromise...

Where are we going? What are we doing?
It better be fun, it's my birthday and you owe me!!

He got to ride shotgun (he always rides in a crate in the back but I still have all the 4H equipment back there so shotgun it was!) and had a great time checking out the town from the window. And then we pulled into a drive thru and he got really excited :).

Vito is such a ham!
Best birthday 'cake' ever...vanilla frosty and fries :)

We got the food and headed to the nearest park, hoping to get there before the frosty melted too much! He scarfed it down...

Yum, my favorite!

He should be in a Wendy's campaign :)

Oh, no! It's getting low...

When the frosty got too low for Vito to lick out, then it was my job to take the fries and dip them in the remaining liquid and feed them to him. I took my job seriously of course :)...

Salty and sweet :)

LOL, look at his cheeks!

It got easier to just dip them and then throw
them on the table for him to eat, lol.
All in all, he thought it was quite the successful birthday! A little bit of vanilla frosty, some tasty fries, a short car ride sitting shotgun, some park time, and one-on-one attention with momma. I think that was all the good dog ordered :).

I think he looks pretty proud of himself! :)

Happy Birthday my little Vito man!!

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