Friday, July 5, 2013

Monday got a PAL

A few weeks ago I sent in an AKC application to get a Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) number for Monday. Bourbon has one of these as well (his is actually called an ILP - Indefinite Listing Privilege - because he got it through the old listing program) and what it does is allow your dog to compete in AKC sanctioned events. They still can't show conformation, but they are allowed to participate in performance and companion events. I'm seriously thinking about getting Monday ready to do some obedience/rally showing and also probably see if she would enjoy lure coursing as much as Bourbon does :). Crazy mutts!

AKC events PAL dogs are eligible for

  • Agility Trials (All Breeds)
  • Earthdog Trials (Small Terriers and Dachshunds)
  • Herding Tests and Trials (Herding Breeds, Rottweilers and Samoyeds)
  • Hunt Tests (Most Sporting Breeds and Standard Poodles)
  • Junior Showmanship (All Breeds)
  • Lure Coursing (Sighthounds) - CATs (All Breeds)
  • Obedience Trials (All Breeds)
  • Rally Trials (All Breeds)
  • Tracking Tests (All Breeds)

Applying for a PAL number

To apply for a PAL number for your dog, you just have to go the AKC website and download the application found at the bottom of the page. When you submit it to the AKC, you also have to include their application fee ($35), and two recent and clear color photographs of your dog. One photograph should show a full front view showing the facial characteristics of your dog, and the other should show the full side profile of the dog standing on a flat surface (not grass).

This was the photo I submitted for Monday's frontal.
The pictures don't have to be perfect, thank dog!!

This was the photo I submitted for Monday's side profile.
Nothing professional here :).

But please remember, PAL numbers can only be issued for AKC REGISTRABLE BREEDS.

I finally got Monday's 'official' PAL certificate in the mail, along with a nice welcoming packet from the AKC. They had included a newsletter on the history of my dog's breed (American Staffordshire Terrier) and also a copy of their Family Dog magazine.

My 'informational' welcoming packet.

Monday's certificate!!

Wish us luck on her next adventure!!

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