Thursday, August 8, 2013

Confessions of a Dog Trainer - 5

Ok, well this is more of a Confessions of a Dog Rescuer than from a dog trainer. I love dogs, most dogs, but there are a few breeds near and dear to my heart. Obviously Dobermans :), but also Pit Bulls. Yep, I love the little controversial critters. But I tend to hate the people that advocate for them. Maybe that's too blanket of a statement, because there are a lot of people that do good for them, but unfortunately there are just as many people that think they are doing but are just adding fuel to the fire. So begins my rant, er confession :). I'll try to stick to just confessing :).

<deep breath>

Most Pit Bull advocates make me crazy. I must confess, behind my smile, I am scream obscenities at them in my head. I try to remain nice but I'd rather just duct-tape their mouth shut :). How else can you get them to stop? Sometimes I love the visuals I see in my head <insert evil laugh here>.

I know that haters are everywhere and they spew forth venom about Pit Bulls at every chance they get. It must be exhausting to hate something that much. People that have no facts or experience are always eager to express their opinions...but remember they are OPINIONS. I mean seriously have you ever read the comments on ANY news report that mentioned Pit Bulls? Even the positive stories? It doesn't matter what the story is about, if it is in some way connected to Pit Bulls, the haters come out EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yes, I know it is frustrating and you feel like your slamming your head against a brick wall of ignorance. But then what do the advocates do? They spew venom right back. Sad but true. How does responding to hate with more hate help anyone? It just makes everyone look like crazy haters.

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And then there are the sob story abuse photos that are always plastered all over Facebook. Have you ever looked at the comments on most of those? Yes, people feel sorry for the dogs but to threaten the people who are responsible with worse torture...well that might be fair and just but it's still hate people. Sure I admit I have those thoughts to, but it's about the DOG now and what that dog will have to go through to live a somewhat normal life, forget about the people that did it. You can't change it; you can't punish them the way you see fit, so why does it need to be shared? Keep it in your private fantasies. Sharing it just makes you look violent and crazy. Then people start to wonder if you like Pit Bulls because you are crazy and violent and well we just don't need to go in that direction.

We are already fighting a war for the sake of our dogs, we don't need another one for the owners or advocates of said dogs. I don't have a problem defending the dogs, they deserve it. They NEED it. But sorry people, you know better. YOU. KNOW. BETTER. I shouldn't have to defend my sanity because I choose to defend Pit Bulls. It detracts from the importance of the cause. It's critical that our message is clear and sane :), there are lives at stake. Let me repeat that because it's ubber important - THERE ARE LIVES AT STAKE.

I used to be that crazy person a long time ago. And well maybe not seriously crazy, but I would make those comments. Those threats to abusers. But then I thought about what purpose did it serve? Sure it made me feel better for an instant but it didn't solve anything. But how did it make me look? Sure advocacy and rescue is an emotional business and it's hard not to get caught up in it. You want more justice for the innocent souls suffering but there is a better way to do it.

You don't need to shout hateful rhetoric to be heard. You don't have to threaten someone to change their mind. In fact, it's completely the opposite. Imagine that :).

Be polite. Be respectful. Be informative. You can be positive, I promise. In fact we need more positive in our world where we are so quick to hate. Have your voice heard. Defend your dogs, that's your job! But don't let the message get drowned in a whirlpool of hate. Our dogs DESERVE better than that, be the person they need.

Source: Advocates for Pitbull Awareness


  1. Such a great point. I posted something kind of like this (but not nearly as eloquent) the other day. Why is it that animal lovers can be such people haters? I hear you - I hate it when people come to me with negative stories about pit bulls - I get a lot of them from people who know I love dogs and I'm a pet blogger, what they don't get is that I don't discriminate and I happen to think bully breeds are beautiful.

    I know what you mean by keeping the smile in place. Lecturing people about BSL isn't going to make them understand; but sharing politely might.

    And I've come across the really passionate people. I actually left a group (along with many others) over on LinkedIn after one member accused another of killing pit bulls for fun. *sigh*

    Love this post and excited that I'm following your blog :)

    1. Thanks for following! I'm still relatively new to blogging so still figuring things out in my small amount of spare time :).

      I think people turn to animals to love because they love you back no matter. People are a bit more fickle (and so are easier to hate). Plus they don't talk and are never negative, LOL.