Friday, August 16, 2013

Going to Shedd Aquarium

This weekend I leave for a week long training program at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. I'm pretty stoked about this opportunity!! :)

Ken Ramirez at Shedd Aquarium. Photo credit Shedd Aquarium.

They haven't sent us much specific information but we will be at the Aquarium all day Monday - Friday working with Ken Ramirez, senior VP of animal collections and training. And we get a copy of his book, Animal Training (which has been on my list to acquire for quite some time!!).

The blurb about the seminar from the Shedd website states:
Learn industry-leading animal training techniques, with unique access to Shedd's diverse animal collection. These training methods can be adapted to any species, from marine mammals and a host of terrestrial exotic animals to pet dogs and cats.
Key topics include animal intelligence, human emotion and anthropomorphism, basic operant conditioning, informal interactions, husbandry training, social groups, advanced training techniques, aggression, advanced training games, problem-solving techniques, and complex training.
Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it? Have I mentioned that I am super excited yet?!? :) I am sure I will have plenty of topics and information for many future blog posts! But this also means that I will be on hiatus next week.

I hope we get to work with these cute little critters. Photo credit Shedd Aquarium.

Don't forget to check back the last week of August for a recap of the trip!

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  1. I’m happy you enjoy that series! I have been this means to get started that, and so ideally I’ll reach that this summer at the least!