Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vito's On Vacation

Last night I dropped Vito off at my parent's house for a week and a half long vacation. That lucky boy :). He gets to be the only dog, play with his toys 24/7, and get totally spoiled with undivided attention. He is going to be a holy terror when he gets back!

He was obviously sad to see me go...NOT!

He is much more concerned about his toys and getting to play then saying goodbye to mom :).

I think he was happy to see me go :) LOL

Sadly the rest of the crew gets to stay at home with Nicholas and the dogsitters. At least they don't know what they are missing so they can't be angry :).

This is how I left Vito...

Check back tomorrow to find out where I am going! It's all pretty exciting business :)

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