Monday, May 19, 2014

May Bark Box!

We got something special in the mail this weekend...a BARK BOX!

The dogs laid a guilt trip on grandma and since a handy groupon came through at the same time, she took pity on the puppies and got them a short subscription. :) No one can resist their please, oh please eyes, LOL. This is actually great timing though since we celebrate birthdays for the crew once a month from April to July (Rookie - April, Bourbon - May, Monday - June, Vito - July), it's a busy Spring/Summer at our house!

So what was inside?!?

Urban Stick by Bionic Pet Products

Bionic Rubber is a revolutionary material that can withstand the play patterns of our most tenacious chewers! Made with FDA food grade materials and tested in shelters with steel-jawed pups. The Urban Stick is great for fetching, chewing, and stuffing with peanut butter.

Apple Cobbler Snicky Snaks

Made in the USA with 100% organic, GMO-free ingredients like molasses, eggs, cinnamon, and apples, and with a minimal carbon footprint. Snicky Snaks are good for your pup...and the planet!

No-Grainers Jerky Chews by Nootie

Jerky has always been a favorite of humans on the go - we think pups will appreciate a portable snack, too! Nootie's BBQ chicken jerky is made in the USA and can be broken into bite-sized bits - plus, we think the smokey barbecue scent is reminiscent of outdoor markets!

Zuke's Clean Carrot Crisp Giant Dental Chew

Bye bye, boredom AND bad breath! Clean Crisp bones from Zukes feature flavors fresh from the farmer's market, like carrot, berry, and apple. Plus, they're long-lasting, grain-free, and filled with antioxidents. Save your carpet, give this to your pup on a wood or linoleum surface!

The haul.
Needless to say I was the dogs were very excited :). Presents in the mail! Who can complain about that? Rookie was mostly excited about the bionic rubber toy, everyone else was drooling over the treats...

Not pictured: Bourbon...he was totally passed out after Lure Coursing all day :)

The box itself was super cute as well and had some really nice details stamped on it. I loved this one off the back of it:

This is totally Vito.... :)

Do you subscribe to Bark Box? What would your pups love to see arrive? :)


  1. Grandma done good!

  2. We love the BarkBoxes here. It is like Christmas, each month.

    1. I know...this can get addicting :). I may have to look at continuing the subscription once our 'free' three months are up!