Thursday, May 29, 2014

We Won...ZUKES!!

We follow a great blog over at Beagles and Bargains and they have a ton of nice giveaways :). I recently entered to win some Zuke's and actually won!! It's been a long time since we have won anything.

Our package came!!!
We received all six flavors of Zuke's Mini Naturals: Delicious Duck, Roasted Pork, Wild Rabbit, Savory Salmon, Fresh Peanut Butter, and Roasted Chicken. So far we have only opened the Peanut Butter bag but the dogs are going wild over them. I am a bit OCD with treat bags and don't like to open a new bag until we are done with the current bag. In my head it has to do with freshness, lol.

My dogs said "YUM."
These treats are the perfect size for training. They are tiny but not too tiny :). Plus they are stinky for the dogs and moist, which makes it easier for them to eat quickly. We are going to have lots of productive training sessions with these! :)

I do have to admit, I was upset to hear that Zuke's was bought by Purina back in January. I am not impressed with Purina products and was prepared for the quality of Zuke's to go down. After doing a little research, it seems that Zuke's will operate independently under Purina so nothing should change. They will use the same facilities and the same ingredients as always. Hopefully that remains true because the dogs (and I!!) love Zuke's and would hate to see it go downhill.

Give me the Zuke's and no one gets hurt....

Do your dogs enjoy Zuke's? What is their favorite training treat?


  1. We love Zuke's! I think they're the perfect-sized training treat.

    1. Me too!! Big enough to not get lost in my dog's mouths but small enough that I can feed many! :)

  2. I always love winning stuff, particularly if it is dog related!

    1. Me too! I was super pumped, probably more so than the dogs (at least until they realized the box held bags of treats!!).