Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rookie is AKC Official!

It's Rookie's turn to get a PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing). About 2 years ago Monday got her PAL number, and sadly I have only used it once <Bad Human!>. But I hope to get Rookie lure coursing this year since he loved his fun run last year soo much, and this is the first step. PAL numbers allow your dog to compete in AKC sanctioned events, so in our case, lure coursing :).

It's Official!!
To recap...

AKC events PAL dogs are eligible for

  • Agility Trials (All Breeds)
  • Earthdog Trials (Small Terriers and Dachshunds)
  • Herding Tests and Trials (Herding Breeds, Rottweilers and Samoyeds)
  • Hunt Tests (Most Sporting Breeds and Standard Poodles)
  • Junior Showmanship (All Breeds)
  • Lure Coursing (Sighthounds) - CATs (All Breeds)
  • Obedience Trials (All Breeds)
  • Rally Trials (All Breeds)
  • Tracking Tests (All Breeds)

Applying for a PAL number

To apply for a PAL number for your dog, you have just have to go to the AKC website and download the application found at the bottom of the page. Along with the application, you have to submit two photos of your dog. Here's Rookie's handsomeness...

Rookie's frontal picture for his PAL.

And Rookie's side view. He's filling out into a real adult :).

I think Rookie is a little less excited about his certificate than I am, either that or he's already dreaming about chasing that 'bunny'...

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