Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Bark Box!

Our third Bark Box (and it just might be our final one unfortunately - it just depends on the generosity of Grandma!). The dogs were so excited when the box came, I'm pretty sure they can now read BARK BOX and know what it means presents lol.

And inside....

Loopies Fish Bones Toy
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...your pup's got a new fishy friend! This extra-durable, neon blue ocean-dweller from Loopies is ready for tugging, tossing, cruising the tides - and whatever else your pup has in store for them.
Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats
Wheat, corn, and soy-free, these USA made and sourced jerky treats are packed full of anti-oxidant rich whole foods including blueberries, cranberries, reishi mushrooms and of course - delicious chicken! From the heart of Colorado to a satisfied pup tummy in no time flat.
Etta Says Duck Chew
Made from wholesome American Duck, Etta Says duck chews have always been a favorite to pups, whether near the sea or miles away. Who can blame them?
Healthy Dogma Coconut Flavor Barkers
When it comes to making healthy decisions about your dog's nutrition, make sure you pick a treat that has no additives or artificial fillers. Coconut Barkers are a yummy all natural and grain & gluten free treat for your pet. Your canine will go crazy for their bone-like shape!
Mr. Barksmith's Pina Colada Smoothie
If you like Pina Colada and getting lost in the...well, you know the rest! Isn't it time to share a tropical moment with your pup and make sure they don't miss out on this classic summertime treat? Each treat is made from human-grade food ingredients, is wheat, gluten and dairy free, and can be enjoyed at room temperature or frozen - pawfect for those extra hot summer days. One for them, one for you. Knock it back and repeat!

We love trying new things each month, especially since most of these products aren't things we regularly come across in our dog shopping :).

Vito really, really enjoyed the fish :).
In fact he tried to kill Mr. Fish but it was to no avail...Mr. Fish is made of some sturdy stuff!!

Does your dog kill toys like Vito? We love it when he self-plays like this - it can get very entertaining :).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Vito!!!

Yesterday was Vito's 7th Birthday! I can't believe how fast the years are accumulating :). He's slowly starting to show his age and going slightly grey around the white of his muzzle. Luckily, he is brindle so it's not really noticeable!

I was a bad parent and forgot about his special day (in my defense I knew it was this week, I just thought it was tomorrow LOL) so Vito got to have his fun today instead...and hey he'll never know the difference!

There's nothing more soothing than the twinkle in your eye, your wagging tail, your loving woof, and your tennis ball addiction. On your Birthday I wish that you never grow up and keep harassing me with your mischievous best.

Here's to many more years of your barking, jumping, swimming, and otherwise neurotic behavior dear :). We love you Mr. Vito and wouldn't have you any other way!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

River Update: Where Has the Foster Gone?

Back to catching up...I need to update you guys on River! It's a bit of a story, sorry it took me so long to tell it!!

Back in May on Memorial Day weekend I drove up to the Quad Cities with River to meet a potential adopter. Of course they loved him (who wouldn't fall for his handsome face) and decided to adopt him. So off River went with his new adopters and off to home I went to plan our Jamaica vacation.

On our way to meet the adopters, River is such a great car rider!
Oddly, the location I met the adopters at was just off of River Drive...
I thought that was very appropriate :).
Sadly, the very next day I had some distraught text messages that River was displaying some pretty severe separation anxiety at the adopters' home. He never displayed any of that here and looking back, I wonder if it was because of all our dogs. At the adopters' home, there was just one dog and they weren't mingled yet (since it was so new and the dog was tiny). But River had destroyed his crate and several things in the bedroom he was crated in as well breaking out of the bedroom and going through the trash. Needless to say it was a huge mess :(.

The crate River ate through and the bed he destroyed.
The adopters' were pretty upset and wanted to return River right away. Unfortunately, this was right before our Jamaica vacation so I couldn't take him back here. We had them drop River off at one of the boarding kennels we work with for the time being, until we could find a different foster home or until I got back from vacation. Luckily, another volunteer stepped up and took River so that he didn't have to stay in the kennel very long. He doesn't do well in that situation and he was deteriorating very quickly :(. There was no way he would have lasted at the kennel until I was back from vacation.

River is still available through Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus, he's just now enjoying his stay at a different foster home. I miss the handsome man sometimes but he is doing great in his current location and that is all that matters :).

The last picture I took of River :).

Good luck, River, on finding your forever home! :) We still love you and wish you well on your journey!

Monday, July 14, 2014

June Bark Box!

I am SO behind on my blog...I apologize!! We have been doing so much traveling lately and it doesn't seem to end until September :). Back in June (see how far behind I am!!!) we got our second Bark Box and it was just as exciting!! There's just something so much fun about receiving a box full of surprise presents :).

So what was inside?!?

R2P Monkey Silly Buns
From king of the jungle to your living room, this plush will make a great new pack member. With enticing crinkle and squeaking sounds, this silly bum (indeed it is!) is great for monkeying around.
Benebone Nylon Chew
Made with real bacon and no artificial flavors, this is seriously delicious experience for the equally serious chewer. Who needs only two prongs to chew when Benebone gives ya three! Double the fun? We say triple it!
Green Bark Gummies Hip & Joint Treats
Green Bark Gummies aren't just delish, but also support joint health for your pup while they're out and about! with NutriCHIA, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin to maintain flexibility and mobility, these goodies will help your pup keep on playing till the sun sets...and long after!
Benny Bully's Beef Liver & Banana Treats
Made with beef liver and banana, this Potassium and Electrolyte-rich goodie from Benny Bully's isn't just tasty, it's also packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Manganese, and Folate. No chemicals added - only the best for your best bud!

The treats are always a huge hit over here with our dog's bottomless stomachs :). I don't think they have received anything they didn't love! They really liked the Green Bark Gummies for general treats and the Beef Liver and Banana treats for training. Rookie is the lucky winner that will get the Benebone Nylon chew (Bourbon got the Zuke's bone from the last box). And Monday was the lucky girl who got to play with the new toy first (the toy from the last box is most definitely Rookie's lol).

She loved the toy.
This box had a fun little decal inside it too that I just couldn't resist :).

We can't wait to see what we receive for July (which should actually be next week lol!!!!).

This month's theme was Paris :).