Friday, March 27, 2015

Karen Pryor Academy

One of the reasons why I will have limited time to blog now that I am back is because I am an official student of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA). Last month I started the Professional Dog Trainer Program and it's blowing my mind :). Hopefully come August I will be able to add KPA-CTP behind my name, at least that is the goal!

KPA is huge time commitment so sadly blogging has to take a back seat, but I am still going to stick to my goal of posting twice a week now that I am alive again :). Rookie is actually excited for this program - KPA requires me to have a dog to take through the course and Rookie, sadly, is the only dog in the house that fits all the requirements (i.e., is dog-friendly, comfortable in new environments, and can be crated).

Rookie says he's ready!
Many people have asked me why I would bother paying/enrolling in KPA since I have already been teaching for so long and already have a CPDT-KA certification. Well dog training is a unregulated industry and anyone can give themselves the title of dog trainer. There are tons of people out there that have years of experience and are great at what they do and I don't want to take away from that, but I believe that you should have more than just experience. I believe dog trainers should have experience, and education, and credentials. Dogs lives are literally in our hands and I think we should have some legitimate accomplishments to back us up. Plus I really love learning :).

I am also a firm believer in continuing education. In continually pushing yourself to learn more and not becoming complacent in your knowledge and skill. KPA is going to be hard, but it will likely be one of my greatest accomplishments. I'm so lucky to have this opportunity (shout out to my husband for making this possible!) so now I just have to make the most of it!

I also get to work with this cutie :). Meet Millie!

Tomorrow is the start of our first two-day long workshop weekends (there are four total). Needless to say I am a total wreck and Rookie could care less (although he is enthusiastic about the packing of all the treats and chews for the weekends!). Wish us luck this weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rookie is AKC Official!

It's Rookie's turn to get a PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing). About 2 years ago Monday got her PAL number, and sadly I have only used it once <Bad Human!>. But I hope to get Rookie lure coursing this year since he loved his fun run last year soo much, and this is the first step. PAL numbers allow your dog to compete in AKC sanctioned events, so in our case, lure coursing :).

It's Official!!
To recap...

AKC events PAL dogs are eligible for

  • Agility Trials (All Breeds)
  • Earthdog Trials (Small Terriers and Dachshunds)
  • Herding Tests and Trials (Herding Breeds, Rottweilers and Samoyeds)
  • Hunt Tests (Most Sporting Breeds and Standard Poodles)
  • Junior Showmanship (All Breeds)
  • Lure Coursing (Sighthounds) - CATs (All Breeds)
  • Obedience Trials (All Breeds)
  • Rally Trials (All Breeds)
  • Tracking Tests (All Breeds)

Applying for a PAL number

To apply for a PAL number for your dog, you have just have to go to the AKC website and download the application found at the bottom of the page. Along with the application, you have to submit two photos of your dog. Here's Rookie's handsomeness...

Rookie's frontal picture for his PAL.

And Rookie's side view. He's filling out into a real adult :).

I think Rookie is a little less excited about his certificate than I am, either that or he's already dreaming about chasing that 'bunny'...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

...I'm Alive!!

I'm Alive!

I know I haven't posted in awhile...ok ok like FOREVER, but I haven't forgotten about you guys! Unfortunately life just got in the way for a bit. And life is going to be intrusive for awhile but I am going to power through it :). I might not post almost every day like I had been early last year but I am going to commit myself to at least twice a week. So watch for my return next week!!

Monday doesn't look very impressed but she
promises to keep me focused :)