Friday, April 24, 2015

Until Tuesday {book review}

Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him by Fmr. Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan with Bret Witter

A highly decorated captain in the U.S. Army, Luis Montalvan never backed down from a challenge during his two tours of duty in Iraq. After returning home from combat, however, his physical wounds and crippling post-traumatic stress disorder began to take their toll. He wondered if he would ever recover.

Then Luis met Tuesday, a sensitive golden retriever trained to assist the disabled. Tuesday had lived among prisoners and at a home for troubled boys, and he found it difficult to trust in or connect with a human being - until Luis.

Until Tuesday is the story of how two wounded warriors, who had given so much and suffered the consequences, found salvation in each other. It is a story about war and peace, injury and recovery, psychological wounds and spiritual restoration. But more than that, it is a story about the love between a man and dog, and how, together, they healed each other's souls.

"We aren't just service dog and master; Tuesday and I are also best friends. Kindred souls. Brothers. Whatever you want to call it. We weren't made for each other, but we turned out to be exactly what the other needed."

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this book and I must admit I shed a tear or several :). Montalvan candidly describes his experiences serving the military through two tours of Iraq and the resulting Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) he tries to cope with. He gives a brutally honest picture of how and why PTSD is such a challenge for our service members. It was hard to read about the stress that our service members put up with while they're fighting and the challenges they face as they re-integrate into civilian life. Too many are facing difficulties, only to be turned away when they seek or need help :(.

The role service animals play in treating 'invisible' wounds is also a big part of this story and Tuesday's story is just as heartfelt as Montalvan's. I am totally recommending this book to everyone - it's a great read on many levels.

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  1. I know just the person to give this book to. Thank you so much for this review.