Friday, September 6, 2013

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days

Hey look it's September! :) How did that happen so fast? Every September, the American Kennel Club (AKC) hosts Responsible Dog Ownership Days to bring to the forefront the responsibility it takes to have a canine companion. This hits especially close to home after hearing about two more Iowa towns that are looking at enacting Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) against Pit Bulls. This stuff seriously makes my head hurt (and well not to mention my heart!). If people were actually responsible owners, we wouldn't have such as thing as BSL.

There are many different ways you can 'celebrate' being a responsible owner:

  • Attend an event in your area. You can search the AKC's website HERE. There are many different kinds of events:
    • Breed parades
    • Obedience/agility/rally demonstrations
    • Microchip ID clinics
    • Health clinic/first aid for dogs
    • Therapy/SAR dog or Police K9 demonstrations
    • Free training classes with PAL presentations
    • Safety around dogs presentations for kids
    • etc. :)
  • If there isn't an event in your area, you can certainly host one by registering the event with the AKC HERE.
  • Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Owner Promise. You can go HERE to sign.

According to the AKC, last year more than 650 dog clubs and other organizations hosted events that reached millions of dog lovers and potential owners. That's a lot but it could certainly be more. There aren't any events in my area except the Des Moines Obedience and Training Club's show, which I don't think has anything special for Responsible Dog Ownership but it is a good place to go and talk to people about their breeds if you have questions.

I do hope you take advantage of whatever opportunities are in your area :). You can also check out the AKC's Facebook page and Twitter to see the latest posts regarding Responsible Dog Ownership Days.

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