Monday, September 30, 2013

Mental Health Days

This weekend (and part of last week) I decided to take some Mental Health Days - aka BE LAZY :). So sorry for not posting on Thursday and Friday but my brain was on hiatus. I am guilty of over-scheduling myself, everyone who knows me knows just how much I live by my calendar and I'm always cramming something else in. Well Thursday I decided to hibernate. No joke. I didn't do ANYTHING Thursday night or Friday night or even this weekend. It was glorious...and very unproductive :). The dogs loved it!!

Baron was very happy - check out his cheezy grin :).
Sometimes there are just those days when you've had enough and you need a break. We've all been there and honestly, I don't give myself enough breaks because I hate to feel unproductive. But as counterproductive as it seems to be to not do anything with your way-too-long-to-do-list (you should see mine, talk about too long!), sometimes you simply need some time to recharge. There is nothing wrong with cutting yourself some slack and taking a break :). I have to tell myself that all the time and I hardly ever listen, but luckily I have back-up naggers (aka dogs) that insist I slow down and spend time enjoying them.

Rookie got some precious ball time. 
They thoroughly enjoyed spending all weekend with me - romping through the backyard, having mini training sessions, and lots of cuddle time in bed :). We love cuddle time. Well most of us love cuddle time, there is that ONE that loves to run and run and run and run...oh Bourbon.

He doesn't really ever stop moving. At least in this video he's not screaming, that's always really pleasant :). But at the end of each day, there was utter contentment and silence in my house. Oh I love the sound of nothingness :). And of course they love their 'momma time.'

They were all tuckered out :).

What do you do to keep the 'world' at bay and give you time to breathe?


  1. A little bit of the same. Tomorrow, I'll be hanging with friends, cleaning the house, bathing the dogs, and maybe even taking a nap. It's nice to take a break from it all :)

    1. Yes, it is! I'm jealous of your nap time, LOL. I get to squeeze one in here and there but not nearly enough!! :)