Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Training Tip: My Goals

Now that my CGC series is over I can start something new for the Tuesday Training Tip series, but what to talk about? There are SO MANY things I would love to cover, but I suppose all in good time :). I do actually have a ton of good topics, but I am going to aim to try to keep it related to things I am currently working on with my dogs. That way it'll be easier to write about from my own perspective because I will have experienced it and I will be able to trouble shoot better in case anyone has any questions. But feel free to share with me something you'd like me to cover, I am always looking for new things to work on with the pups!

Drum Roll Please...

Next week I am going to kick off a new training series on preparing your dog to show in Beginner Novice for the American Kennel Club (AKC). I have been *not seriously* working with Monday to get ready to enter her next month in an obedience trial. Well next month is awfully close so I better figure out fast if I will be ready or not!!

Monday's version of sit...I think we have some work to do!!!
So Monday and I will be back on Tuesday and will hopefully have a lot to share :). I'm also hoping that by making this public it will help hold me accountable to actually prepare her, LOL! If you ever have anything to add or recommend to the training tips I cover, please don't hesitate to do so below!

I'm not sure Monday's very excited about this adventure, LOL :).


  1. I will be following along! I have (sort of) thought about doing the same with Jedi. I TOTALLY understand the need for accountability. When you feel bad ask me about Jedi's conformation training . . . it'll make you feel better!

    1. Ha, I will have to do that! :) The hardest part is actually me, I get all nervous and tense LOL. She's probably more ready than I ever will be!!