Monday, October 7, 2013


This weekend was full of typical October weather :(. Drizzly rain, gray skies, cool wind - it kept us all in most of the weekend. The dogs were not impressed, especially since Fall weather tends to send them into a tail spin - all that humidity disappearing makes them extra crazy for a while. So with five dogs full of extra energy and no outlet, it did not bode well for me ... until I got out the food puzzles :). They are number one of my list of indoor-approved, energy-sucking activities.

Each dog has their own favorite food puzzle, although all will play with all of them. I recently got a new one to try out so I thought I would let Baron break it in this weekend. Introducing the TreatStik.

Behold the Power of Play

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The TreatStik is a self-play toy but I still recommend keeping an eye on your dog while they play with it. It is fairly indestructible and doesn't have any small parts, but if you have an 'enthusiastic' chewer there really is no such thing as indestructible :). This toy is designed with a small oval hole which is what disperses the treats/food. As your dog nudges and rolls the toy, it randomly dispenses the food. It does appear that this toy dispenses food slower than others, so it does prolong the fun :).

On the human side of things - you just unscrew the cap, drop in your dog's favorite bite-sized treats or kibble (basically anything that will fit through the hole), screw the cap back on, and watch your dog try to figure it out :). They are also easy to clean - just place in your dishwasher! I like easy to clean :). Treatstiks are only available in two sizes (large and small), I of course got the large. I think it's too large for Vito to use however he hasn't tried it yet so it might work. It is perfect for everyone else though!

Baron didn't know what to do with it at first and he is still trying to figure it out. I think if it had been more of a ball shape, he would have figured out that rolling it on the floor dispensed the treats :). As it is, he was trying to chew it like a bone LOL. Which is fine as this toy seems to be durable enough for that workout!!

Play Tested, Mother Approved

He never did get the hang of it :). But he never got frustrated and the toy held up well, that is a definite plus in my book.


You can use dry food/treats so it tends to be less messy
Dogs can hear and smell the treats inside.
Durable - made of heavy-duty non-toxic nylon
Made in the USA :)


Can get noisy on hard floors

Baron's Rating: 5 paws (out of 5)!

You can find the TreatStik on various online retailers or through their website at It is always good to have a few different types of toys handy for variety. Rotate the toys through a cycle so your dog doesn't get bored too easily!

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  1. Our dogs LOVE their Treatstik - it was a pleasant surprise. Great reminder about the flooring. I have a feeling it'll vanish when we remove the carpet from the living room area next year.