Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Lola

My second foster taught me that it doesn't matter how long (or short!) they stay, you still fall in love.

My second foster was Lola. Oh Lola. She made me smile :). I picked her up in Somers, Wisconsin at a lure coursing fun match our rescue group was hosting (Bourbon loves his lure coursing!). She made the 7 hour ride home (with Bourbon in the car as well) without a peep and settled right into my house like she had lived there all her life.

She loved playing with Bourbon and didn't antagonize Majestic. I was actually worried bringing another female into the house, but Lola just ignored Majestic and so Majestic just ignored Lola. Apparently, they didn't exist to each other :). Hey that totally works in my world as long as there is peace!

Bourbon and Lola playing.
Lola also loved my pond. Oh man, it was hard to keep her out of it! The pond is not very deep - maybe almost three feet in the very center. She would climb right in and just walk around in it splashing and drinking. It was rather cute but slightly annoying as I had to dry her off constantly to come back into the house.

Lola loving the pond.
She loved to lay on blankets next to my bed at night and during the day when I wasn't home, so I didn't have to crate her. Lola never chewed anything inappropriately or ate anything she wasn't supposed to (unlike some of my own dogs!!). She was the first dog to utilize my bean bag as a dog bed :). She was the cutest thing and it was hard for me to let her go to her adopters. But luckily I only had her for a little less than two weeks (my shortest foster ever!!). Hard to imagine getting that attached in such a short time but sometimes they just click immediately.

Her adopters are wonderful and have kept in touch over the years. I got an update last year that she was still doing great and quite healthy (considering she would now be 10 years old!!). Her mom is a vet so I'm sure she's had the best care possible :). She was renamed Remy as they thought Lola just didn't fit for her name. All I know, is every time I said Lola, I got that song by The Kinks stuck in my head! Ok, so I sang to her a lot :). She loved it, even though I'm sure it was off key and horrible, LOL.

Lola curled up in the bean bag.
Bottom line - Lola got a great home and that is what rescue is all about. Sometimes fosters stay only days and sometimes they stay for months or even years. You can't put a time limit on a great family.

How long was your shortest foster?


  1. A week - we had one foster and one foster failure. We hope to start fostering again in 2014 and I'll be in touch with a local person who heads a soldier's foster program locally.

    1. We have been taking a break lately too, but I hope to get back into it next year as well. I've had one foster failure :), his story will be coming up in a few weeks.