Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's Tumor Time

Ahh, that makes me think of MC Hammer and his wonderful pants :). But that's not what I am here to share so I'm getting out of the 90's and back into business. Monday's business to be specific.

Whatcha talkin' bout momma? What's my business? 
Monday had two lumps removed last week :(. She had this thing growing on her head and it was just awful. I had it aspirated and several of the cells looked suspicious. How do cells look suspicious? I have no idea, it's not like they were stealing or furtively glancing around for something to steal, but nonetheless they were deemed suspicious. So off with her head! Well, not her whole head just the suspicious part of it ;).

This was her head thing.
Pretty gross huh?!? And it was marring her beautiful face :(. But now it's gone and huge line of stitches is instead glaring at me every time I look at her. Luckily, stitches are also removable and will be gone next week. Here's hoping it doesn't scar too bad!!

I did find out right away that the lump she had removed from her back by the base of her tail was just a cyst. We didn't think it was anything to worry about but with the one on her head being so suspicious, we just figured while she was already under for surgery we would take that one out as well. Better safe than sorry!! I had the lump from her head sent into the pathologist and just yesterday I got the results. It's something that I can't pronounce but is definitely benign. Whew!!

Infundibular Keratinizing Acanthoma (Intracutaneous Cornifying Epithelioma)

However, you say that - that is what she had. Leave it to my dog to get something un-fun :) and also rare. I have the weird medical issue dogs, I'm pretty sure it's a curse. This is a rare skin tumor (seen in only about 2-3% of all skin tumors) and is a hair follicle tumor. Good news - it's benign; Bad news - generally reoccurring. She will probably have more of these throughout the rest of her life :(.

The really weird part is that these tumors are usually seen in males (last I checked Monday was a female but hey that could have changed ... ) and usually affect Norwegian Elkhounds and Keeshounds (doesn't really sound like Monday ... ). Goes right along with that whole - if it's not normal it will happen to me thing :). But counting my blessings it was NOT cancer.

Have your dogs had any 'rare', 'uncommon', or 'weird' diagnosis?  I seem to have a houseful of them :)

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