Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Jeter

My fourth foster broke the law on cuteness and taught me that dogs are truly social creatures and thrive with companionship.

Jeter came into IDR+ as a stray - he was really thin and had so much dead and sun-bleached hair that he had spots. It was quite pathetic, but after a good diet and lots of brushing he started to look like a normal doberman again :).

A picture of Jeter with his horrible coat.
This was before he came to me for fostering.
Even at 2 years old, Jeter was still very much a puppy and just loved to play. He loved to play so much he was quite pesky and wouldn't take no for an answer from the other dogs. Vito and Bourbon alternatively loved and hated him depending on how tired they were :). Jeter certainly kept them busy! He also loved everyone he met and had never met an enemy. His whole butt would wiggle with delight anyone paid attention to him. He thrived on attention - from either people or dogs - and never got enough of it.

Bourbon and Jeter were twins :).
Jeter was the first foster dog I enrolled in obedience classes (this is a trend I do with all my fosters now). Since he was a young, doberteen full of piss and vinegar I thought obedience classes would be great for him and I was right. He LOVED them. He got to show off his new skills and totally shined being the center of attention. He was such a fast learner because he loved to please :). And he loved having a 'family' (even if it was temporary) that included him in activities.

Luckily, while Jeter was still much like a puppy in regards to personality, he did still have some house manners. He refrained from getting on the counters or trying to get into the trash which is always a plus! Most fosters come with some horrible house manners but Jeter was very good. He did still have to be crated when you weren't home though because his natural curiosity got him into trouble (mostly with chewing!!). And as with most dobermans, Jeter was a velcro dog. He'd follow you from room to room to see what you were doing and if he could do it too. He fit right into our household with ease and it was hard letting him go.

Jeter, Majestic, and Bourbon cuddling on the couch.
But he had to go because I had already pulled another foster! I was doubling up for a few weeks (Jeter was super easy)  :). I was sad to see him go but I already had another foster to focus on and I had prepared Jeter as much as I was ever going to be able to. He got adopted by a wonderful family, I wish they had stayed in touch but it's easy to let time go by and forget.

When you have an easy foster do you find that it's easier to move on when they've been adopted? I've found that the more emotion I invest in them, the harder it is to let them go - so the easy ones to foster are also the easiest ones to let go.

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