Monday, November 25, 2013


We have been cleaning out the garage and reorganizing so that we can fit everything inside before winter comes (which we are a bit late on that, um hello snow, but better late than never!) and I found my channel weave set! I, of course, got excited and brought it all inside so I could clean it up and put it together.

The bundle of parts :), all cleaned and ready for action.
Monday thought they were pretty interesting...
I didn't want to put them together outside because it was cold (and I am a wuss about cold) so I thought the office would be fine :). I forgot how much room they take up when they are all standing!!! I actually have a 12 weave pole set but my room was not big enough to accommodate that so I only set up half - making it a 6 weave pole set. Now I had this set made for me by a fellow kennel club member (no one wants to see me with a saw - those sharp things are tricky!!), but it's pretty easy to make your own. Or you could always buy a set, I think I saw them for around $65.

It has been a few years since I have used these weaves so I needed a refresher course on how to put everything together. I found really good instructions on - this page also includes how to actually make your set if you are handyman-inclined. If I could follow the directions and pictures, than anyone can :). So I got down to work and started attaching the PVC pipe pieces.

Monday supervised. She was apparently not happy about her job.
It actually went pretty quickly once I started recognizing all the different pieces :). But now I just have to figure out where I am going to put it since the yard has snow all over it and it doesn't fit in the office (at least not well enough to actually them). I bet I could run it down the hallway, haha and then Nicholas would have weave too. Well that's an interesting visual :).

Vito checking out the weave poles. He vaguely remembers these :)
We'll have to use the extra time on our Thanksgiving break to work weave poles and refresh everyone's brains. It's been quite awhile since I've done agility with any of the crew.

Monday does not look thrilled about this idea...

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