Monday, May 4, 2015

Introducing...Topp Canine Solutions

While KPA is keeping me busy, I also have something else going on I haven't mentioned yet. Last year I got laid off from my corporate job (I loved what I was doing and my coworkers, but thank dog I don't have to work in a damn cubicle anymore!!!) and decided to start my own dog business :). INTRODUCING...

*drum roll inserted*

Topp Canine Solutions

I'm working on building up a client base and plan to keep this as a full-time business, which needless to say takes up a lot of time. So between KPA homework and working with clients, it can be hard to find time to sit in front of a computer! I do have a Website up (although that is also a work in progress I need to find more time for!) and a Facebook page ready for more fans (Check Me Out), but sadly the blog seems to suffer. I do plan to come back with a vengeance this Fall so hopefully everyone will stick with me for awhile. I have tons of blog post ideas, I just need a free assistant to write and photograph them LOL. Too bad Siri isn't quite that helpful :).

It's been a bit terrifying (and more than a little overwhelming) starting my own business, but even if I fail at being able to make enough to make it worthwhile I am SO glad I've got the chance to try something I've always wanted to do. I do find it hard being my own boss (hello procrastination...) but the satisfaction and happiness of my clients makes it so fulfilling. Personally, I am much happier and less stressed than I was working for a paycheck (although sometimes I dearly miss that paycheck lol). There are certainly sacrifices, but I am very lucky that my husband has a great job and is very supportive of this venture.

I did manage to pay my husband back a little and I supported his softball team this year - I do have to stay the jersey's are a bit badass :). It's so much fun seeing people wearing my logo!

If you could have any career what would it be? Is there anything holding you back from pursuing those dreams?


  1. So happy for you! There's nothing like living your dream. Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Thanks!! I'm sure it will be a roller coaster ride :)

  2. What a coincidence, I was let go from my job after returning from a mission trip to Mongolia. So, I started my own business too! I agree, things are crazy as you move forward. Sometimes, I am working even more than full time as a relief veterinarian. Thankfully, it is paying the bills and I am able to travel, too. So far, much of Wisconsin and 3 months in the US Virgin Islands (during the winter!) have been amazing. Good luck in your ventures!!