Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Way To Go Bourbon!

Bourbon had quite the busy 'birthday' weekend (hey he doesn't know it's a week late lol!). We drove out to Steven's Point, Wisconsin for 3 CATs (coursing aptitude tests) which are Bourbon's most favorite thing in the world. I'm not sure who is crazier - me for driving him 5 and a half hours to chase a plastic bag for 2 minutes or him for getting SO damn excited to chase a stupid plastic bag :). I guess we are both nutty lol.

Are we there yet?!?
Bourbon really enjoyed his weekend away. He got to chase his baggies bunnies, sleep in his own bed (the hotel gave us a 2 queen room), and have mom all to himself.

He hogs the bed...
I really enjoyed our weekend because it wore him out (which makes him less of an asshole in general), he got a new title (hello RIBBONS! I love ribbons), and I got to talk dogs all weekend with like-minded people :).

Two of his 3 qualifying ribbons and his new title ribbon :)
There was one drawback - Bourbon had some kind of reaction to the gnats that were bothering everything on Saturday. I slightly freaked out and ran through all the possibilities - he pulled something internally causing bruising, he had a tick which caused lyme disease, it was a heat rash, etc. Seriously, I was all over google looking at disgusting skin conditions. Turns out it was just a little contact dermatitis due to the gnat bites. But being so far away from your vet when something weird pops up is scary!!

Sorry about the X-rated shot ;) but doesn't that look weird?
And of course the picture doesn't show how red it really was.
Regardless of the gnat reaction, Bourbon was in full form Sunday morning for his final CAT. Here's a pretty crappy quality video :)

Bourbon can now be known as:

Bourbon Street Saint, CGC, CA, CAA

He's just racking up those letters behind his name :). He's got to have 13 more qualifying runs before he can add CAX though so we have some work to do!!!

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