Thursday, May 28, 2015

Coursing Craziness

On Memorial Day I took Bourbon and Rookie over to Des Moines for two CATs. It was Rookie's first official run (he did a fun run last year and totally loved it) and he apparently takes after Bourbon. Not quite sure that's a good thing! ;)

Bourbon got his 13th and 14th leg toward his CAX title (he needs 25 total runs so we've to enter 11 more CATs...). Hopefully, we can enter quite a few this summer as I don't know what kind of running shape he'll be in next year!

He's still got his beautiful stride :).
He's never ready for the run to end...
Rookie got his first two legs towards his CA title (he only needs one more to get it!). Sadly, because of his demodex he has super thin skin and his feet are a mess of scar tissue. This doesn't go well with top-speed running :(. His poor feet were bruised and bleeding when he was done (although he is apparently impervious to the pain). I'll probably let him run one more time to get his title (and because he LOVES it) and then unless I can figure out something for his feet we'll just have to find something else exciting to do.

Isn't he quite the little monster :).

Do you think your dog would enjoy chasing the lure?


  1. Yes, I think Jedi would LOVE chasing the lure.

    Was that Rookie barking in the video, or was it someone on the sidelines?

    1. That was a dog on the sidelines. Rookie doesn't bark, he was doing the warbling/screaming thing though LOL.

  2. I know I've said this before, but I think your dog has the greatest name EVER! Bourbon seems PAWfect for him. Okay, I promise not to say that again LOL I would like to think Jax would enjoy it - Harley? not so much. I believe I would really get a kick out of watching it "live" myself. Never seen one in person. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    1. Bourbon is a great name :). They are so much fun to watch in person, the dogs really have a blast. You'll have to see if there are any close to you sometime.