Thursday, June 20, 2013

Every Drop Counts!

Yesterday Monday gave her second blood donation to the Canine Blood Bank of Central Iowa through Iowa Veterinary Specialties (IVS). She wasn't happy at first that she had to skip her breakfast, but she definitely likes the special attention she receives from all the staff members.

She thought we said she could be a doctor! Nope, she can be a donor :).

Don't Let Mosquitoes Get to Your Blood First

Damn pesky insects :). Back in the first post on Monday's acceptance into the blood bank I covered how to see if your dog is eligible and what the requirements from IVS entail. I really urge you to see if a local clinic could use a blood donor and if your dog is viable candidate. Every drop certainly counts and you could help save some lives :).

Soon after I drop Monday off (which is around 8:00 AM), the staff preps her for the donation. She is slightly anesthetized and her neck is shaved (at least her collar is thicker to hide that later - Thanks Hogan!). They then insert the needle into her neck and let the blood donation begin :).

Ready for donation!

Insertion of the donation needle.

Monitoring the donation.

A close-up :).

From Monday to You - A Gift of Life

Monday's blood donation.

Monday gives 450 ml of blood every donation. Geez, that makes me lightheaded just thinking about it! Once the donation is done (and it doesn't take long), they go ahead and reverse the anesthesia and give her some breakfast (I drop off food for her since she has allergies and is on a different diet). The staff is great and always calls me after the donation is done to let me know how it went and how she is doing. Then they monitor her until the afternoon to make sure she is still doing OK, as sometimes donation can take a lot out of you.

Usually, after I pick up Monday she goes home and rests for a few hours and then is right back to normal. She's never down for long! :)

The only gift is a portion of thyself. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Hi-Brutus's mom here. He's a fellow blood donor. This was great to see all the pics of how it is done. He LOVES going to IVS to donate blood...he loves the extra attention, too! Funny story-I guess last week when he donated, he was wagging his tail during the procedure!!! goof.