Monday, June 24, 2013

Vehicular Searching

This weekend Bourbon pretended he was a top cop dog searching out contraband at the border. In all actuality, he was sniffing out birch on our car in the driveway. But hey, let the boy have his dreams! :)

In my previous post on nosework I had briefly described the four elements of a Nosework competition - container search, interior search, exterior search, and vehicle search. Bourbon has practiced a lot on interior searches and exterior searches so I thought this weekend we would focus on vehicles. I think vehicle searches are fun!

Since Bourbon doesn't have any experience searching vehicles, I did four pretty easy hides. Also, I made sure I was outside doing this at a time when it was really windy in order to help him be successful. The first hide I placed on the outside of the front tire rim.

First hide.

Bourbon had a little trouble with this hide at first because he didn't realize he was searching for it! LOL, he thought I was going to be taking him for a car ride. Once, I got his brain back on track (which only took a few seconds) he got right down to business.

As you can see, once he was focused he found it fairly quickly. We did three more hides (for a total of four) and then were done. I wanted to make sure I kept it fun and simple since he had never worked vehicles before.

This was hide number 2. You can't really tell from this angle,
but the tin is inside the tire rim.

Hide three which introduced some elevation. 

Hide four which was actually under the car (again hard to tell from
this camera angle).  It was under the front bumper.

Bourbon did a great job working the vehicle for the first time. I was mighty proud of him :). Once we have practiced this many more times, we'll move on to adding more vehicles into the search area. During a trial, they have several vehicles lined up so the dog has to locate the correct vehicle and pinpoint the odor! Whew, hopefully Bourbon is up for the challenge!

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