Thursday, June 6, 2013

Making the Rug Theirs

It's been delivered!!

I finally got a new rug for the living room! Not that I don't love my old color block rug, but I've had it for almost 10 years and it's begun to, well...smell like dog. Imagine that! :) I've housebroke many a foster on that rug and I think it's time for its retirement. So of course I order a new rug that is light green and light gray - LOL, probably SURE to show all the dirt the dogs track through. Oh well, it certainly looks nice and the dog's have approved.

Bourbon supervising the new rug getting laid out. He's quite the helper :).

The new rug is A LOT bigger than my old rug. I probably should have really measured, LOL instead of just trying to guess. I'm horrible at spacial estimates! But the bigger size definitely works for the living room and it protects more of the floor, so that is at least a good thing. We need to sand down and reseal our floors, but that is definitely a project for another day (most likely another year!).

Bourbon is satisfied with its appearance, now to get it in the correct spot!

Once I got it situated correctly and vacuumed (who knew rugs came with carpet balls all over them!), Bourbon had decided he was tired from all the excitement. He was apparently done being my helper, LOL.

Whew, that was hard work! Time for a nap...

The true test was letting the rest of the dogs into the living room and gauging their thoughts. They were all pretty intrigued at first because of the new smells and new feel of it. But in true dog fashion, they were over all the fuss in about 2 minutes flat and life was back to normal in the living room (aka dog room!).

Mom, what is this thing on the floor? :)

Baron was over the new rug pretty fast and was way more
interested in what was going on outside  :).

Vito and Rookie approved!

How do your dogs handle new 'furniture' or room accessories in your house? 

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