Thursday, January 30, 2014

Confessions of a Dog Trainer - 6

Please forgive me dear reader, it's been a long time since my last confession. 25 weeks to be exact. I seriously had no idea it had been that long, WOW.

Well here I am ready to bear my soul again...this time about taxis. Yes, taxis. Those yellow cars that take you everywhere you ask (& pay!!) for. How is this relevant you ask?


Most days my job is not as a dog trainer but as a taxi, ferrying my little four-legged wonders everywhere they need to go. I swear I spend more time in the car going to and fro training classes than actually training! That is a very sad realization :(.

I am a glorified taxi driver.

But without the perks of a paycheck or tips. In fact, it's quite the opposite, this job costs me money!

Image from San Francisco Citizen.

Obviously I like doing activities with my dogs, but sometimes I wonder if it's normal how much time I spend shuttling them back and forth. Nicholas doesn't think it's normal LOL. I'm pretty sure it's their way of controlling my life - after all everything I schedule is done around them :). Subliminal control at its finest folks.

I suppose it's safe to compare me to a soccer mom with 4 kids. Between Monday's obedience classes, Vito's swimming outtings, Bourbon's nosework adventures, and Rookie's general pursuits (he does a bit of everything lol) my car is going to need new tires by the end of the year :). The oil change people love me, they practically see me every month LOL. It might be getting out of hand...

...but do I plan to cut back anytime soon? Nope!

They love the outings and I love how tired they are when they get them :)

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