Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Train Your Dog Month

January is National Train Your Dog month (as hosted by the APDT). If you're into making New Year resolution's - this would be a great start. I try not to make resolutions because in essence it sets me up for failure :). I just don't like the word, I have no idea why.

But this year I am going to make a goal - try to train a new trick every month with Monday. So at the end of the year she will have 12 new tricks (and probably a lot of variations of those 12 tricks). She already comes with a few in her repertoire - roll over, shake, and speak. Her shake is a bit sticky so we will have to tighten that one up but that will be a different month. :) Her favorite is speak...

I love that she is so excited she can't keep her feet still :). We will have to work on some impulse control for her as well lol.

What are your doggie goals for 2014?

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