Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Throwback: Bambi

My sixth foster taught me what it means to truly be a foster - to adopt out a dog that you love like your own.

I actually don't remember how Bambi came into IDR+. I wasn't her first foster so I guess I just didn't pay enough attention when she first came in :). But she got adopted out and returned because she was too pesky for the resident dog. No surprise there, Miss Bambi loved to play! So I took her in to foster and immediately fell in love. Seriously, I almost kept her and to this day I still wish that I had.

How could you not love this face?!?
Bambi fit right into our household like she belong there and she was just the right mix of sweetness and naughtiness that I love. She kept me on my toes :). Sadly, I was fostering her during Majestic's decline with cancer (which I didn't know at the time was the cause of her grumpiness) and I attributed the snarkiness with her being a female. Majestic had quite a history of not liking other girls. So I did follow through and adopt her out to a previous adopter. I've never gotten an update which makes me quite sad :(.

She had no concept of personal space :)
Bambi was quite small for a doberman - only about 20" tall and less than 50 pounds - which was the perfect size really. Her previous owners had mangled her ears trying to do a crop job, but despite that she was beautiful. She just glowed with love and fun, lol. Her only downfall at that time was that she was not completely housebroken and she loved to jump on people. But those things are totally workable :). And her personality was the absolute best - she LOVED all people and loved to please you. She would have been a blast to train :) - she loved 'adventures'. Bambi was up for anything as long as it involved working with you. And she was very motivated by food or toys, which certainly makes training easy!

While Bambi was staying with me, I had regular play dates with a few friend's and their dogs. She got along with everyone and was certainly the life of the party lol.

Bambi playing with Bourbon and Tito.
Obviously, I was in love with her :), who wouldn't be at this point? But hopefully she is just as happy in her new home as she would have been staying with me. That's all we can ask at the end of the day. And I'm sure she has brought much happiness and silliness to her adopter :).

Have you had a foster you wished you would have kept? What helped you follow through with the adoption anyway?

A couch full...

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