Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It came! It came!

The mail arrived today and now I am jumping up and down in the living room giggling like a little school girl :). Eeee!

Image taken from TJJ Bus 6.

I suppose you want to know what I received that I am so excited about?!? :)

As most of you have read, I had to put Baron to sleep at the end of November and it was really hard for us. I have been dealing with emotional aftereffects and I am coming around, but back in early December it was still very, very hard. I was trolling through Etsy for Christmas presents when I came across some pretty cool dog tags. How can you look for presents and not look at dog stuff?!? :) So I might have been slightly sidetracked lol, but I found these really cool tags and I decided to get one for Baron. Yes, I realize Baron was no longer with us, but I wanted it more as a memorial token.

Fetch A Passion Tags made an incredible tag for me. Check it out~

The front.

The back.

Since I had told them when I sent my order in that this was for a memorial token (because I didn't submit the standard tag information for the back), they also included a short poem in my package.

They are super thoughtful and of course made me cry :). But a good cry because it's very heartening to be given support, especially where you least expect it.

When your companions have passed, have you done memorial trinkets or something to remember them by?


  1. Other than their urns, it's "tradition" to hang their Paco Collars by the front door so we see them every time we leave the house.

    1. Hanging their collars is a great idea!

  2. My heart goes out to you. We make paw prints in clay, it's such a wonderful way to remember all those times those precious paws were in my hand. Then, we have had ours cremated and their ashes are spread in my gardens. Their Christmas stockings always go on the Christmas tree.

    1. I love the paw prints in clay! We have their ashes and we have 'decorative' urns that all sit together. Using the stockings on the Christmas tree is also a great idea. Our tree is actually a super mini tree (like 3 feet tall) so it wouldn't work at my house, but I bet yours is beautiful!