Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Training: Sit Pretty Still a Work-In-Progress

Monday is still having some difficulty with Sit Pretty. I'm pretty sure it's mostly my fault because sources have confirmed my dog is smarter than me. But we are trying to persevere :).

She is a total nutball for targeting and that is playing into a little bit of over arousal when I give her my cue for sit pretty (a fist held out). She knows it means pick up her front legs but she gets excited about touching my hand and tends to stand up instead of keeping her butt planted on the floor.

This tells me that I need to be more careful about where I place my hand (closer to her head to keep her from wanting to stand up to reach my hand) and how I place it out there for her to touch.

In this first video I have the treats in my hand -

Here I don't have treats in my hand (I have them on a table next to me) and that helps with her arousal level some -

If we were able to balance some of these training sessions with outside exercise that would help more as well. Too bad this weather isn't cooperating :(. We are so ready for Spring temperatures (although we wouldn't mind missing out on the mud!!). We will definitely be working on this trick some more and I obviously need to work on my communication skills, lol.

Next week I will share our March trick, I'm going to aim for something a bit easier :).

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