Monday, March 3, 2014

Whoa Erin Where Have You Been? {life update}

February was full of photos but not much content (hey, I managed to post about the start of Monday's trick!!). The photo challenge actually came at the perfect time for me as there is lots going on behind the scenes and so it gave me a nice excuse to be lax on here for awhile. Although I must say, taking a picture everyday for a theme is a different kind of hard work! I only cheated twice. :)

So here's a peek behind the scenes:

First, we found an acreage we thought was mostly perfect. We put in an offer but sadly they went with someone else, who, I would assume, paid them more :(. They didn't even give us a chance to re-offer. That is a bummer as it was close to Ames and had almost everything we were looking for in a property. But things will work out and I'm sure our perfect place is coming up soon. We are ready to move and have more space!!

Second, and a major life change, I am losing my job at the end of April. I am getting laid off due to my job being outsourced to Singapore. I've been with Wiley for 9 years now so I suppose I am ready for a change ;). But I still wish it hadn't happened this way. So now I am looking for a job - a part-time job so that I have time to do number 3 below. If anybody knows of anything - please throw it my way!!

Third, and another life change, I officially started my own business! :) I've been training for a long time and helping people on the side - well it was time to do something about it. So now I've just decided to put it all together and go for it. I'm obviously still in the development stage but big things are hopefully coming! Stay tuned this month for further updates :)
My logo :).
Fourth, I have started contributing to I know, I know - I am not a parent. But I am writing about pets and families and that is something that I have knowledge about. Luckily, I have experience with all kinds of pets - not just dogs - so the articles will be varied :). It's been a long time since I have written for a 'professional' medium, lol. Wish me luck!

Big changes are on the way for this year and I don't really have a plan. The journey should be interesting and I am ready to let go of some of my 'control' even though it's a lot scary :). We'll just have to see where this year takes us! And hopefully, you'll join us :).

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