Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: At Least Someone Is Having Fun...

Snow, Snow Go Away...


  1. I'm ready for the snow to go away for a while too... but it seems like the dogs love it!

  2. Of course! He doesn't have to wipe feet, sweep driveways or dry off wet clothes!!

  3. I love this picture! Dogs playing in the snow is my favorite. My dog just LOVES it and is always so sad when it melts. :)

    I see you're doing the A-Z Challenge (yay!) and if you're interested my friend Bethany from Cascadian Nomads and I have put together a blog hop for pet bloggers to meet & follow each other during the challenge. You can come by my blog or Bethany's...she's #15 on today's Wordless Wednesday if you want to join!

    1. I have joined! :) I'm getting excited for April!