Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Training: Stay

Monday and I are still working on Sit Pretty - building up those specific leg muscles to help keep her steady. I think we'll have it soon though :).

But this month our new goal will actually be revisiting something that Monday needs some help understanding. The dreaded STAY. She really doesn't like this exercise and I'm not quite sure she totally understands it either. So we are going to put in some major effort on it this month and are basically going to start at ground zero.

I really like these two instructional videos on teaching the stay:

Stay the Kikopup way


Do your dogs have rock-solid stay? Did you find it hard to teach?


  1. Sydney and Rodrigo have a great stay (in the house), but the puppies are hopeless. We've practiced and practiced, but they still get up and follow when we start moving away. We'll keep at it though.

    1. I've found stay to be one of the harder cues to teach. I think it's because we up the criteria much faster than the dog is ready for and it creates holes in the expectations/learning. I also don't necessarily enjoy stays (I'm impatient) so I'm sure my dogs pick up on that LOL!