Monday, December 17, 2012

An Elemental Change

We have welcomed a new member to our family - a 2005 Honda Element. It wasn't a planned addition - it never works out that way for us - but we are excited nonetheless.


My poor 2003 Toyota RAV4 is still in the shop, so technically we still own that car too. But hopefully it can get fixed and we can sell it. I love my RAV4, don't get me wrong, but it has served its purpose over the last 6 years. The moment I got behind the wheel of the Element I had moved on. It just drives so much better than the RAV4 and is much quieter (the RAV4 had soo much road noise!).

Plus the functionality of the Element is much nicer for my purposes (AKA the dogs!). The floor is completely rubber (no carpet, bonus!!), the seats are waterproof, and the seats fold up and hang on the sides (which means no hauling in and out all the time!). The seats also do remove completely though if I find I need even more room. Also, the backseat windows are the pop-out style so I don't have to worry about a dog accidently rolling down the windows and jumping out (also eliminating my obsessive checking that window child-lock is on!).

See them hanging up on the sides? :)

I have already done 2 dog transports in it and I've only had it a week! Obviously, it will get a lot of use :). I will have to take some time after the holidays to play around with the crates to see what the best way is to get everything to fit.

Nicholas is actually excited about it as well, for different reasons of course. The front seats fold completely flat as do the back seats so we can use them as a bed (and they are even long enough for his over 6-foot frame!). This will come in handy at the next musical festival, think KanROCKsas :).

Plus with the dash-mounted rally-style shifter, we both agree it's just plain fun to drive! Now I just have to get new window decals and personalize it!

Merry Christmas to us!! :)

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  1. Good choice! Sometimes, it doesn't matter which features or benchmark is better based on comparisons between two vehicles. What matters is how that vehicle fits in our lifestyle. And in your case, looks like you're enjoying your new vehicle well enough. I hope that Elemental lasts with you for a long time!

    Spartan Toyota