Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Santa

I was tidying up the mountain of presents around our mini-tree and noticed this piece of paper tucked into the messy pile. Apparently the household dogs have a few things they would like to say.

From the Crew

Dear Santa,
We have tried very hard to be good dogs this year, so here is our Christmas wish list. We know we're technically too old to believe in you, but it's important to keep the magic alive. Sometimes people (ahem, MOM) don't appreciate that.

We know it's a bit of a rush order, with us waiting so long and all, but here are our Christmas wishes.

Bourbon: So here's the deal, Santa. I want at least one squirrel to fall out of my tree this year and let me bite its sassy tail! Mom says that you probably can't provide that (being as I ask for this every year and never get one), but if you're magic like she also says then do the job MAGIC MAN! If needed I GUESS I can make do with a stuffed squirrel toy that I can destroy, but ONLY if you can't come through with the real deal.

Santa, this is what I am thinking.

Vito: Santa, my item might be quite tricky for you to arrange. I'm not known for being 'easy.' First of all I would like a quiet Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love people, but I just have got to keep my routine. Maybe if you consolidated some of your stops my humans wouldn't have to go soo many places and disrupt my ordinary daily habits. Don't you think 8 Christmas gatherings are a bit ridiculous (especially when we aren't invited!)?? Anywags, Santa, I know I haven't been very good this year, swallowing foreign non-digestable objects and such, but I am not very good at resisting temptation. I'm only asking for one more little thing - mountains of tennis balls. Really Santa, I can never have too many. Also, I guess I do need one more thing. I crave a Pita Bed (you can find them here:, hint hint!).

Monday: Well, mama says I should ask for less "ATTITUDE" but I'm not sure what she means by that. I think I'm perfect and I know exactly what I want. Santa, I would LOVE an electric blanket all my own that I don't have to share. Like this one: Thermo Pet Throw, it's just my size. Maybe even embroider my name on it so everyone knows it's mine. I also need a new collar, martingale style of course, that is pretty and very girly. I'm tired of strangers thinking I'm a boy!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve :) and I promise to try not to chase the reindeer.

Baron: Well Santa, I'd tell you to skip our house because I don't like strangers, but I guess you have to come or we won't get presents. So here's your warning - shout 'hello' before you come down the chimney, I wouldn't want to mistake you for a burglar (or would I?!?). As far as presents go, there isn't much that I need. A new Kong would be good, or really any of the other puzzle feeders. I like to be entertained while I eat. I am also putting a request in for some more alone time with mama. Make it happen, and snappy, or else! For good measure, I'd also like a reindeer antler (I got my eyes on you!).

Rookie: I was going to ask for a deer antler, but I realize that's a sensitive order (unlike Baron, geez). I think I've been real good this year, but sometimes we pups just can't help the trouble we get into. So I'll just get this out of the way - I'm sorry I pee on the floor. It just comes out, I can't help it. I'll do better next year! But back to presents, I would like a double tug bumper (they have great ones here: I would also like a ball on a rope, I know it sounds funny but they are real awesome-like. I found some here that I LOVE: Ooohhh, let's not forget food. I need lots of food and treats 'cuz I am a growing and learning boy. Jus' remember that.

Because we are thoughtful-type dogs, and mama told us it was a good idea, we'd like to ask for stuff for other people too.
  • We want every dog at Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus to get adopted.
  • We want everyone to donate a can or bag of dog food to their local shelter or rescue group.
  • We want people to keep their dogs on leashes so they don't bother us...or get lost or run over by cars.
  • We would like a world where people aren't cruel to animals anymore..and no more dog fighting!!
Santa, please! We know it's down to the wire, but give us a break. We still love you!

Tail wags and licks,
B, V, M, B, R

PS. Please, please don't let our humans make us wear reindeer horns or Santa hats.

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